About Me

Hey there! Thanks for clicking on the bit where you can find out more about me - if you didn't mean to end up on this page then don't worry, now's your chance to disappear.

My name is James and I've been running a blog for around eight years now. Originally based at jg-review.blogspot.co.uk, James Green Review was a place I found refuge to chat about all the stuff that interested me.


I no longer discuss games or television (much) on my website, which has become almost exclusively centred around film, but I can't promise to stay on topic.

I have an English and Film degree King's College London and am currently studying as a postgraduate in Oxbridge, so my posts aren't as regular as they were when I was 14 (though that's probably for the best - I can't imagine my 'Top 10 Items in Mario Kart' list was too compelling). Let's hope its a quality over quantity kind of sitch.

I accept commissions, so don't be afraid to contact me, and I hope that this blog is a nice place where we can all share our thoughts and have some nice conversation! Feel free to enter your email in the subscription box on the homepage - you'll get an update whenever I post something new.


Thanks x