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Welcome to the Quarantine Film Club

Hey guys! Welcome to the Quarantine Film Club, and welcome to my website if this is your first time here...

Why have I started this?

I decided to start the Quarantine Film Club for a few different reasons. The most obvious was the current global pandemic. Most of us have had to deal with confusion, anxiety and major interruptions to our daily routines. Cinemas have closed down and so have film festivals - two of which I was planning to cover in the upcoming months. With my University having also closed its doors, asking students to work from home until the foreseeable future, I myself have lost a sense of routine and community as a result of social isolation.

Still, social isolation is imperative to tackle the spread of coronavirus - stay at home folks - and I think we should all be doing everything we can to limit the amount of contact we have with other people to help out our NHS. That's also why I've started this club - in the absence of new film releases and with the shuttering of our local cinemas, it'll be nice to feel like we're watching films as a group without risking each other's health and safety.

How will it work?

I'm glad you asked!

Each week we'll watch two films. There will be viewing parties for each film every Tuesday and Friday at 7pm, respectively. Each film that we focus on in the Quarantine Film Club will be available on Netflix UK - sorry international readers, they might still be easily available on Netflix or on other services where you are! On the Saturday of each week I'll post an informal response to the two films we saw that week, and on Sunday's I'll announce the next week's line-up.

For those watching on Google Chrome's laptop and desktop browsers, I'll look into organizing a streaming party via the Netflix Party extension. The extension can be downloaded for free on the Chrome Store, and allows all attending participants to watch a film on Netflix in sync with one another, as well as presenting a live chat on the side of the feed. I won't be able to attend the Netflix Party chat every screening (I'm in the middle of my Uni's final term) but I'll do my best to stay active.

Don't worry though, there's still going to be room in the Club for those unable to watch with the rest of us. I'm aware that not everybody will be watching on a laptop browser, and those that choose to watch the films on iOS, on a SmartTV, a mobile device or a games console can do so on their own time. Moreover, those that cannot make the designated 7pm time-slot are still encouraged to join in and watch the films when they're able to.

If enough people are interested, I'll look into creating a forum page on my website where we can all chat about each week's listings. For my friends that like to write (and also want a break from their University or School studies), I'll also be accepting your own pieces which I'll post onto my site under the 'Quarantine Film Club' blog column. These posts won't earn you any money - my website doesn't get enough clicks for that - but the option is there, regardless. If you have your own blog or online space and want to post about the club on there, I'll share it on my socials too! Rising tides raise all ships and all that...

The ultimate goal is to offer structure, community and a space to consume film at a time of relative uncertainty. The Club will be laid back, totally relaxed and everyone is free to dip in and out when they please.

Socials and Links

The Quarantine Film Club Facebook Group:

When it comes to the Quarantine Film Club, Facebook's where it's at. I'll be posting all you need to know over there, and it'll also be a space where you guys can talk about the films too (if that's what you wanna do). I'll be creating events for each film's watch party and posting the Netflix Party links there too, so make sure to join the group!





For those on Instagram, I'll be posting updates about the Quarantine Film Club (and announcing each week's line-up over there first. My twitter is more informal, but I'll also be posting about the club (along with my usual nonsense) over there as well.


That should be it for now, but let me know if I've left anything out or if you have any more questions! This should continue running until this madness ends, but if it's a hit then maybe it could continue in one form or another?

I've tried to select films that offer a real sense of variety. Some are acclaimed, some are hated. Some are animated, some are live-action. Some are western, some are foreign-language. I haven't seen some of them, and I have seen others, so hopefully this is a chance for us all to leave our cinematic comfort zones and watch something new (or nostalgic) for the first (or a repeat) time.

Also, for those that don't personally know me I'd like to reiterate that this is a hobby and not a job. Uni work is...overwhelming at the moment, so if I do have to go quiet for a week then please don't hate me! I'll still organize each screening party regardless of how active I am on the chat, and I'm excited to start this journey!

Thanks for reading!

James x



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